Strawberry preserve with balsamic vinegar

VAT included

This strawberry preserve with balsamic vinegar and with a little add of red wine, it is perfect with a different kind of cheese, mostly for strong cheese or appetizers.

Crafted with crafty care, it is prepared with predominantly whole fruit, small to medium size, and right degree of ripeness, with little whole cane sugar. No added pectin or preservatives.



The best on with fresh or seasoned cheese like asiago, murazzano, robiola d'alba and caciotta and strong cheese like brà, castelmagno piemontese or fiore sardo.


Strawberries, red wine 5%, balsamic vinegar 1%, unrefined cane sugar, lemon juice, ascorbic acid. Used 77g of fruit of finished product. Gluten free. Suitable for vegans.